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    Having read all the threads about problems with battery in treo680, knowing nearly everything about "calibrating", killing apps etc.
    But: What's the best way to charge a spare battery for Treo680?
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    I have found two ways that work fine... the Seidio USB charger and Palm's Treo 650 cradle. If I am going to be out for more than 12 to 14 hrs, I usually throw the spare battery in a jacket pocket. I keep the Seidio charger plugged into my home desktop and borrow the 650 cradle from clients when I am visiting them.
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    The best way to charge a spare battery is shell out some $$ to buy a palm cradle. It charges 2 battery at the same time.

    I normally carry a USB car cigarette outlet and a hotsync cable so I can charge it everywhere, even from a plasma/LCD TV set and set top box
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    Yeah, I would say the cradle too.
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    I agree with the above. However, if u use a form fitting case the, or in my case egrips, the cradle most likely will not work for you. My solutions is Seidio's Multi-Function Battery Charger. I love it because I have the option of using it at home to charge both the 680 and spare battery and when I travel to just charge the batteries.

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    Be careful, not all cradles, chargers and battery chargers are compatible
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