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    My battery has finally leveled off and I get about two days of juice before I have to recharge.

    I've read posts from several who haven't had any luck with the battery or some programs who are "fed up" with the Treo and are going to move on.

    But move on to where? Nokia, Samsung, Motorola? Blackberry? What is a good alternative to the Treo?

    Blackberry makes some nice devices but you have that added charge for BB connect. Samsung's Blackjack is appealling but you also have a battery issue (or has that improved?). Nokia's smartphone looks nice but it's form factor looks uncomfortable. Moto Q is limited on carriers and I have no idea if it's possible to buy an unlocked model and would expect it to cost a small fortune.

    So where's everyone going?
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    I use the BB Pearl and Treo 680....

    I love the size of the Pearl for slip in my pocket phone/email/news feeds, etc - any time of day

    I love the 680 for the Palm os and its PIM features and IM (verichat) for now

    So I use both on a Cingular family plan - costs me $10 extra to have the 680 so why not.

    I have yet to find a better solution for my needs right now....

    Good luck!
    Cingular 680
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    Well, if I didn't have a Mac, I would have gone with the Nokia E61 myself. A wider screen than Treo, includes wifi (sayanara most overpriced data plans from your wireless company), a significant fan (and freeware) base and its not much (if any) larger than the Moto Q.

    (The E62 as found at Cingular/Rogers in North America is a wifi-removed version. Gotta keep the wireless company happy)

    Its drawback (as with the Q) is the lack of a significant sync'ing mechanism for Macs, but for WinOS, it has its own included syncing Suite.

    And the E61 is cheaper than the Treo and can be found unlocked, too....
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    I would highly recommend the HP iPAQ 6900 series. I am enjoying the move away from the Treo more and more. Except for having to learn the WM5 OS, this device outshines the Treo in many ways. Battery life included. This device uses the same size battery and has two sizes of extended battery available; one fits insode the oiginal cover, the other would need a new cover.

    I am very happy with the device's reception, clarity, volume control and features. I still haven't tried all of them yet (like the on board GPS) and the Bluetooth or voice command.

    Voice command would need to be third party of course.

    Today I had FULL coverage reception INside the Walmart, where before with the Treo there would be NO coverage at all!

    Yup, am happy with my PDA/Phone now!
    This PRE is MINE all MINE! But if you ask nice I might let you hold it!

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