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    I've noticed that the "TomTom GPS Navigator 6 (Mini SD Bundle) for Treo 680" is listed on TreoCentral Store:

    The product description includes the following note at the bottom:
    Note: Visit TomTom's support section to download the latest patches for your Treo 680 before installing.
    Does anyone know if there's been a patch released to add Treo 680 support to TomTom Navigator 6? I can't seem to find any, and TomTom tech support answered that they don't have any information about new devices support until those informations get published on their website...

    All in all, it seems to me that selling a software that is known not to be officially compatible with the 680 is a bit surprising for a serious store like TreoCentral Store, so I hope that the patch already exists and that I simply missed the announcement!

    Does anyone know more about this issue?
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    I just got my DVD from TomTom today with the "free" update to 2006 maps on it. I installed the version on the DVD and it's version 6.01. I think 6.00 of TomTom Nav 6 was on the disc in the box of the Palm GPS Navigator kit I bought in December.

    Look at Treonauts' Palm @ CES coverage and my front page story on for something on the rumored new Palm GPS Navigator kit 3. I bet when that is officially announced, TomTom will release a downloadable update to 6.03 for existing owners.

    6.03 adds, among other things, miniSD card support and official support for the 680 and 750 Treos. Hopefully it'll speed up performance a bit as well!
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    Let's hope you're right... Strange thing for TreoCentral Store to have put this bundle on sale here for the Treo 680 _before_ it is really usable, though...

    After waiting for the 680 release, let's wait again for the 6.03 release!

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