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    I have a Sprint Treo 700p and I have setup my video stream to Windows Media and 80kbps. Both video and music stream with no problem initially, however a few seconds before it ends, Kinoma stops playing and freezes. Nothing fixes this only a soft reset. I have tried different things settings and nothing fixes this. This is my first time installing orb so any advice would be appreciated.

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    On not only my Treo 700p but also a LD and a TX. It won't freeze using 3gg but the picture quality is vastly inferior. Wish I could figure this out.....
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    I had alot of problems running Orb 2 and went back to version 1, runs perfect.
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    I got a response from Kinoma on their boards:


    There are currently two "open" issues playing back Windows Media streams delivered from Orb, depending on the content:

    1) Kinoma Player 4 EX locks up near the end of the stream
    2) Kinoma Player 4 EX repeatedly buffers at about 15 seconds from the end of the stream

    The first problem occurs because Orb sends more than one end of stream marker, which unfortunately confuses Kinoma Player 4 EX. The second problem occurs because Orb reports a stream duration which is actually 15 seconds greater than the actual stream duration, causing Kinoma Player 4 EX to re-buffer endlessly waiting for media that will never arrive.

    Both problems were reported to Orb Support weeks ago, but we have worked around the problems in Kinoma Player 4 EX. The fixes/workarounds will be available in the next Kinoma Player 4 EX update.

    We appreciate your patience. Please let us know if there are any additional Orb issues.

    - Kinoma Support
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