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    heyy guys... im at a loss

    i bought a new housing and replaced it successfully. I forgot to replace the vibrator piece and reopened it tonight. Apparently, I bent one of the sim contacts and when inserting the sim tray broke it off. Any suggestions or a link to where I could buy a replacement GSM Treo 650 Radio MOBO. I bid on a broken cingular treo on ebay but if I purchase this will it relock the phone to cingular (Tmobile User here)

    Thanks, hope I gave you enough information

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    It couldn't be considered as "replaced it succesfully" dude. PM sent.
    Treo Maniac?
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    issue not resolved, anyone kno where to get a GSM radio mobo or fix the sim card contact ill post a pic loater, i need to fix thisd asap

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    A "Google" search for "treo sim card tray replacement" found...

    Never mind.
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    only problem is that my sim tray is completely intact.

    look @ this pic itl show what i mean, i need the GSM Radio motherboard out of a broken gsm treo or preferably by itself.

    see the problem (

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    My mistake - that is a tough one.

    I cannot find one anywhere on the Internet - only Verizon and maybe Sprint.

    I think you may need to repair this yourself, which looks to be somewhat more than trivial, but maybe doable.
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    e-bay, 5 minutes left!!

    $150 Cingular 650
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    E-bay may be your only real option unless someone coughs up a dead one they may have replaced with something else.
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    i kno about that ebay auction only problem is im not trying to pay that much for it since i only need that one circut board. hope i can find one a bit cheaper or find a friend with a treo looking to upgrade to something else...


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    heyy i recieved an email from a company that fixes treos. Renew Electronics, i sent them asking about the radio mobo.

    Heres what I got back:
    We do have them, but in order to work properly there are some very
    specific steps that must be followed after the install. You can send the
    unit to us for repair under our diagnostic service .

    Think this is true, and if so, does anyone know those steps or the best/cheapest place to send in my treo.


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