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    Hey guys ... see my thread here

    So the Treo 750 (Cingular, WM5) works great ... up until I install Good. Good works fine, but then I get the prompt that my IT admin requires a PW, and I set that up.

    But ...... next time I go to power on the device, where I *should* be entering the PW, I just get a blank screen with nowhere to enter the PW. Some things still work, like answering calls, displaying the pop-up keyboard, clicking on the battery meter, raising/lowering volume.

    However - the windows key, option-ok keys, etc do not work. The Treo will not respond to any of those commands. I can see the Treo in Explorer if I dock it, and I hear it beep when I get new emails into good.

    The only fix I have found to get out of this condition is a hard reset, which wipes the handheld completely.

    Any ideas?
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    So I've worked around this issue by "closing" the prompt to create a pw (using magicbutton) but .... I need to have a PW on my device at some point .... Is this a known bug? I did some google searching and I found a few other mentions of the problem, albeit on a different device.
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    The Goodlink password implementation causes a lot of odd issues which have not all been pinpointed yet. Please search and see some of the other threads on this. I think GoodGuy has entered a ticket on this and is trying to get us an answer. Until then we have disabled the security feature so we can get back the needed functionality.

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