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    Anyone know how to change a greyscale icon to color? Anyone tried this with SilverScreen and Chroma? Just checking before I start crashing everything!
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    1. Start RsrcEdit
    2. Locate your app on the list and click on 'Open'
    3. In the 'Show only' box, type 'tAIB' (case sensitive) and click on the checkbox to the left to filter for icons only
    4. Select tAIB 1000 for the large icon, tAIB 1001 for the small icon (list view), click on 'Open'
    5. From the menu, Choose 8bit
    6. Draw your color icon. You can also copy/paste the black and white icon from the 1bit view to get started.

    Note: Sometimes RsrcEdit chokes if there is a 4-bit icon when you try to create a new 8-bit icon. I usually delete 4-bit icons to be safe.

    Good luck!
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    I've found that you need to copy your new icon and then paste it over the original taib 1000 in the main resource screen for the programme. For the occasional icon it all goes horribly wrong and everything goes black (the icon, that is). Crashed my Prism lots and lots but never through doing this. Never experimented with changing anything else other than little and big icons though.

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