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    Is it possible to transfer the Categories I have assigned to my Treo 650's Contacts to the Address book? I don't see the categories anywhere in my Address book cards.

    Address book's Smart Group folder feature would allow me to automatically group each category in its own folder. Contacts also allows me to filter my contacts based on the same category.

    I have Missing Sync and .Mac account. I'm using Isync and backup. I just bought an Imac (my first. I cut my teeth on CPM and MS-Dos 1.0) on January 2nd. I have Mac OS 10.4.8.
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    I found the answer to my question!
    But first a little background. It might help someone else when they start down this path.
    I have been using MS Outlook on a PC and Chapura's KeySuites on my Treo 650. It allowed me to sync my Treo with the office adminstrator's Outlook. I downloaded the office calendar and she uploaded my calendar to her Outlook into its own separate calendar folder. Sweet.
    It also allowed me to segregate my contacts (I have almost 1,000) into different Outlook contact folders. I could easily choose which group to see on my Treo. Again, sweet.
    When I first got my Imac and started syncing, I didn't have Missing Sync and I synced to the Palm Address book. I exported all my contacts from the various Outlook Contact groups and calendars I had set up to use with Chapura's KeySuites to a CSV, comma separated value file. I then used Excel to add a category column (i hadn't needed to use categories on my Treo before so needed to add them now) and easily created a category for each separate CSV. I then imported those files into the Palm Address book (Maybe I had to make the fields tab separated. Excel makes it easy to switch between the two as does NeoOffice, a wonderful program for the Mac). But Palm's address book doesn't work well. It doesn't handle e-mails correctly for one thing. Its file importing utility is difficult to work with, too. I needed a better solution.
    So, I got The Missing Sync and a .mac account for the Isync features and imported all the data into Address book (I'm still not sure if I needed the ISync but I can always use backup.)
    When I imported I assigned the category field to the department field in Address Book and set up Smart Groups to sort all my contacts. Sweet. Except I couldn't find a category field on Address book and so couldn't transfer the categories back to my Treo. That's when I posted the question at the start of this thread.
    After looking at some forums on the Missing Sync, I found a thread to a FAQ on their site explaining how to map Palm categories to the Address book and ICal! They just call them groups on ICal and Address book.
    Now, my smart groups in Address book really saved me a lot of work. To create categories in Address book you create a group and then drag a card to a group. Presto, that card now is assigned a category that will map to the same category on your Palm! I just renamed each of my smartgroup folders to name_1, created regular groups of groupname(s) and then copied the contents of each smartfolder group to its corresponding group. When I synced, all was as I had hoped for. I can now assign a category in Address book by dragging a card to a group. That segregates my cards in Address book for easy reference and it's mirrored by categories on my Treo.
    ICal was similar. I had already created different calendars for my events which resulted in a rainbow of colors. Pretty but not too useful. I wanted to display only events for a particular category on my Treo. It turns out that if you create a group for your calendars and then drag your calendars into the groups, that will create corresponding categories in your Palm Calendar.

    Whew! It's taken me more than a little time to get this all set up. I hope someone else will benefit from what I've learned and perhaps save yourself some time and effort.

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