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    Running a Sprint Treo 700P synching to my corp Exchange server. Since I got the device about a month ago, I've been able to synch e-mail, contacts & calendar. Using Versamail client config Palm calendar has been synched with my Outlook calendar. Then, I noticed my Outlook calendar entries (accepted in or created in Outlook client) weren't appearing on the Treo. Entries I create on the Treo get pushed up to the Outlook calendar. But, not the other way.

    There are no problems with e-mail or contacts. They're still synching fine. Only having issues w/calendar.

    Don't think I made any changes to effect it. But, I might have inadvertantly. Wondering if our Exchange admins might have done something. Unfortunately, our help desk folks don't "officially" support Treo. So they're little help.

    Anyone else ever experience this? Suggestions for settings on the Treo? Settings in Outlook?
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    Sometimes items created on my Treo won't sync to Outlook when I go to my office next day and sync. If I edit the item (add a space and delete it) and sync again, it does.

    I have resigned myself to such bugs in the conduit.

    Does the Hotsync log have any error messages?
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    Sorry. Should clarify, I'm talking about OTA (over the air) synching. Not cable/cradle HotSynch.

    Since, I wasn't getting calendar entries OTA, I started trying to cable synch. For whatever reason, if the device was originally configured for OTA, cable synch won't synch calendar & contacts.

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