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    I upgrade to a Treo 750 and put Goodlink on it... loving it but couple of questions...

    First, my company has a password policy that forces me to enter a password after 30 minutes of no use. On my old Treo 650, if the password screen kicked in, it would still "ding" if I got a new email and meeting reminders would pop up even with the screen locked (screen password protected but it would chime and tell me I had a meeting in xx minutes). On the Treo 750... no ding for new messages, no notification I have meeting coming up if the password is on the device. If the device has not had the password kick in yet (30 minutes passed) then I get all the notifications.

    Second, I notice 5-10 minutes after I use the Treo, the screen light will randomly turn on and then will fade off again. Its like the phone is going to ring or I hit the button to activate the phone. It's not a big deal but this thing eats up the battery already and i'm sure this adds to it.

    My specs:
    Software version: Treo750-1.10-CNG
    Firmware Version:
    Good: v4.9.2.30_EN
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    Strange. I have not heard of this, however, with the 750 being so new, that doesn't surprise me. Let me see if I can find anything out for you.
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    Thanks! I pulled the battery on the phone to force a reboot cause it kept turning the screen on for no apparent reason still last night. It seems to power the screen on about every 5 minutes until the 30 minute password enforcement is engaged.

    I am almost certain the "random screen turning on" didn't happen in the couple days I had the phone before loading Good. Ah, the pains of being an early adopter.
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    I found the issue... it was a freeware weather app that I had loaded that was causing the issue. As soon as I uninstalled it, it resolved both issues. Now I need to find another weather app that doesn't break my other apps.

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