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    I ran several searches on this but haven't found what I'm looking for.

    I can't help but notice that the 680 is slower than the 650. This is probably a trade-off for stability... I know that the 680 is often able to recover via larger dbCache when the 650 would soft or hard reset. However, the 680 lag I'm having is very noticeable, particularly when playing a game. For example, I observe lag at regular intervals (every 10-12 seconds there is a "stutter") when playing Agent Z --- this never happened on the 650.

    Is there a program/utility that might correct any lag issues on the 680? Hey, I'm all for stability, but how can I feel all warm and fuzzy about a phone that should be superior to the 650, but is SLOWER than the 650??

    At this point I'm going INSANE about how Palm has delivered a product which is superior to the 650 in several new ways, but inexplicably INFERIOR to the 650 in other ways. Much of their decision-making (i.e., no option to disconnect from data network in Email/Versamail, no option for LED usage, etc.) is baffling. Palm has taken away some of the things I really liked about the 650 for no apparent reason. But, I'm needing to stick with the 680 mainly due to more memory and stability --- ugh.
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    Did you follow the instructions on the link upgrading to your 680?
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    I was experiencing this lag also until I turned off the automatic date/time set in the Prefs. The only catch I've seen is that you'll need to reset the date/time after every reset, but I haven't had any of resets in the last week after I deactivated battery and batterygraph.
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    although I hv treo600, but I still start up my 680 in a freshly installed WinXP without any interruption from 600(also sacrifised old PIM data)
    680 lags in set time(took me extreme long after reset, blah...=_=), Documents to go etc...
    I heard the 1st batch of 680 are all laggy, if itz true then how could we solve it?
    btw can we delete "My Treo" and "Quick Tour" from handheld?

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