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    Hi all.

    Thought i'd post a fun link for those of you with Treo's and GPS software.

    I've done it a couple times already with my friends and found some cool stuff.

    Also, anyone with TomTom know of a way to look up a destination using direct coordinates? Is this availible in the Nav6 upgrade?
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    You can put in coordinates for navigation.
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    I don't have TT6, but I checked the user guide and it says you can enter lat/long coordinates for navigation.
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    Which versions of TT are you aware of that allow navigation to coordinates?
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    John and JAndrews are right. On the TomTom website it states that version 6 has the capability to set coordinates as your destination. Cool Stuff
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    TomTom isn't really made for walking. You're probably better off with CotoGPS which has a lot of nice features for footing around and is generally lighter.
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    Thanks thad, I'll check that out

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