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    I didn't see any other threads that covered this so I thought I'd just post this question directly. I had a Treo 650 that I used as a GPS device with TomTom 5 in my Mini Cooper S. After trying a series of inadequate car kit options (Seidio and others didn't provide a solution that would interface with, and use my car stereo)I was excited when another one of my ongoing google searches revealed the announcement of a Car Kit for the Treo 650 through Expansys from Carcomm. I ordered it immediately and waited for the release and shipment (which was constantly pushed back due to Carcomm). I was very excited when it finally arrived, and took it to my installer (on the quiet because my wife was becoming increasingly more and more iritated by the spiraling expense of repeated purchases and repeated instalation costs). After some fiddling with connections and settings, this Carcomm solution seemed to be working perfectly.
    I was excited to see the announcement of the Treo 680, and ordered one in Arctic White as soon as I could. Everything I had read on the forums said that it would work perfectly with Treo 650 accesories, so I assumed that it would just work with my Carcomm Treo 650 Car Kit. I have tried, but the problem I am experiencing is that no one can hear me on the microphone of the Car Kit. At the same time as my treo upgrade, I had an issue with something in the dash of my Mini so I had to take it to Mini of Manhattan to get it fixed. I have contacted Carcomm to see if I can get a replacement microphone, but they will not ship me one, and have told me that the Carcomm Car Kit for my Treo 650 will not work with my 680 because the connections in the cradle, and the software/firmware in the controller box are different. (My 680 fits snuggly in my 650 cradles because I have fitted a set of Treo 680 egrips, which I think is an excellent product for those of us who carry our Treos NAKED in our pockets)Carcomm said that I would have to buy the new Car kit for the 680 when it is released. This doesn't seem to be tha case with my portable Treo 650 Cradle from Seidio that I use in other vehicles when I'm travelling and using rental cars, or the treo 650 cradle from Seidio that I use with a powered speaker in the 1970 London Taxi that I normally drive around NYC. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! This would probably result in me having to sleep in the car as my wife will be less than amused by more purchases, more cash for instalation, and all this with the coming iPhone which I will be getting because I am a Mac person who originally got my first of many Palm devices (an original Palm Pilot) because it syncs well(ish) with my Mac (allbeit with third party software from Mark Space)
    I am confused, and would be most appreciative if someone with a greater knowledge of these things than me could help. Am I getting the real info from Carcomm, or are they just trying to beat me into buying another product?
    Sorry for the rambling stream of consciousness type question, but this was the only way I could get all the relevant details down.
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    any help?
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