I have a 700w Verizon that worked about 2 months without an issue on a Chrysler UConnect setup.

I had some software related problems with the phone which got progressively worse (primarily AS) so I did a hard reset to rebuild / reload the programs.

All my BT devices (connection to laptop; handsfree headset) loaded and paired fine. However, when I try to repair the phone to the UConnect, on the few times the phone actually see's UConnect, no matter what passcode I give the UConnect, whenever I enter that passcode, I get the response that the passcode is incorrect and the pairing can't complete.

I deleted the phone from the UConnect - thinking perhaps the old setting was causing the problem, but after doing that, still keep getting an invalid passcode on the rare times that UConnect is even seen by the 700w.

This is strange, as the first time I set the phone up to UConnect it couldn't have gone smoother.

Any ideas as to how to get the phone and UConnect paired again?