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    Is the cable that comes with the Palm cradle a sync AND charge cable (via USB) or is it a sync cable only? I'm looking at the Palm cradle because I want a charger that plugs into the wall rather than just USB. I turn my computer off at night, so no USB power.

    Follow-up question: Will the sync cable that comes with the Treo 680 plug into the back of the Palm Cradle.

    The reason I ask is that I have a USB car charger that came with my Palm+TomTom GPS kit. The kit came with a USB connection car charger, wall charger, and a cable that plugged into both the GPS receiver and the Palm. There were adapters for the T3 and Zire 72, neither of which fit the Treo. I need two cradles (one for work and one for home). I'm trying to minimize expense and waste. I'd love to find the Treo adapter for the cable that came with the GPS, but I don't hold out much hope of that. Failing all this, I'll get a separate USB charge/sync cable.


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    Yes, the cradle usb sync cable will fit in the cradle. I have the cradle from my 650 days. I don't recall if the wall charger came with it. In any event, I wanted an extra wall charger for a different location, so I grabbed it from ("Palm" charger) in early December, at $9.99 per. Best non-ebay deal I could find. Listd as for the 650 and 700, but I can confirm that it works fine with the 680. Just checked, still available:

    Just rechecked the invoice. Shipping & Handling for the charger and a pack of screen protectors was $7.95. Hate the screen protectors, but luv the charger. Hope this helps.
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    If I understand you, the cable that comes with the 680 will fit the 650 cradle. Is the cable that comes with the 650 cradle both a sync AND charge cable?


    PS The Palm Treo 650 cradle comes with both a wall charger and a sync cable.

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