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    Chatter is always on and is draining power even when not in push mode.
    I see <1%/hr without Chatter running, 3-5%/hr when chatter is running(no push), 4-6%/hr when chatter is running/push.

    I brought this us to Marc Blank and got this response: "That's the way it works and it causes little battery drain"

    I love chatter but I just don't understand what it could be doing when in offline mode. It just plain doesn't go to sleep like it should and it looks like Marc doesn't care.

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    I'm posting only because I can't figure at all what I have seen today with my battery.

    Got the Seidio 2400 extended a few weeks ago, its been working great, but today I had to use the phone to check email several times. Not the norm for me at all, but today I didn't have access to my laptop. Anyway, the rate of decline on this charge dropped like a stone during the three hours I needed to keep checking the email. Went from 62% to 49%. So I got to thinking that the internet connection was yet another culprit in the battery drain drama.

    But here is where it gets weird, about two hours after I saw 49%, I checked it again and found the battery at 52% and it seems to be holding steady.

    If I knew how to take a snapshot of Battery Graph I'd post it.

    I'm digging the extended battery, and the phone. But this is starting to make me goofy!!
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    You can find my snapshots--I think I have some of about 50% change in the space of 60 seconds in another thread. You can take snapshots with Snap, which I think is freeware, and it's a handy little program. I agree about Chatter, though it surprises me that it uses any power at all if it's doing nothing--are you sure he said it uses power even when NOT using push??? But I use about 6% per hour using Chatter push. However, try running internet radio on P Tunes--20% an hour, replicable time and time again! It's incredible! But think of the data transmission going on--I had 264 MB one day. I suspect, therefore, that it is not just data, but HOW MUCH data, and it can get really energy-intensive under the wrong/right conditions.
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    Ok, I got Snap. Loaded it on the Treo, I think I'm doing it right. But I can't find the results anywhere.

    Where should I be looking for these screen shots? Didn't find a lot of helpful info on the page I downloaded the .prc file.
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    They are on the card somewhere in what I believe is a snap directory. They are all bmp files so you can't display them on the Treo. You have to download them to your PC and view them, and convert them if you wish, there.
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    All I can figure is to email them to myself. So that is what I'm doing....
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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneOfLove View Post
    Ok, I got Snap. Loaded it on the Treo, I think I'm doing it right. But I can't find the results anywhere.

    Where should I be looking for these screen shots? Didn't find a lot of helpful info on the page I downloaded the .prc file.
    They've got so much screen real estate open in the main window that you'd think they'd just document it there. You'll find them on the SD card under /PALM/PROGRAMS/Snap

    If I recall correctly, you won't be able to view these in the media application. I generally either copy them from SD or email them to myself.
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    Ok, I got them to my laptop via email.

    That was harder than it needed to be!!

    So this is what I was talking about with the rapid discharge and then self rejuvenation! [IMG][/IMG]

    The first circle shows a drop due to a 35 minute phone call. No big deal. To be expected. The second happened yesterday morning. In the span of 90 minutes or so, I made two short calls of two minutes or less, and checked the email three times. Downloaded maybe 16 emails, and replied to one. I did not download any big attachments. As you can see, almost as soon as it went down, it went back up. Very strange.

    Discharge then returned to "normal" the last "dip" you see is a couple of calls I made today totaling about 40 minutes.

    Like I said before, I have no idea what to make of this. It is only an exhibition, not a competition. Please, no wagering!
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    Based on my battery.prc calibration, the Treo 680 does not read the battery charge correctly. Its not charging it to its full 1200mah capacity and reads 100% from a base of 1039mah. I was able to extend battery life by lowering the shutdown reserve charge to 10mah and calibrating the battery after a Palm calibration. Before calibrating using the battery app, a full charge would immediately go to 96% after a full charge.
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    Whenever I get a faster than normal drop in battery charge, I just go back and calibrate it. I uncheck disable voltage based recalib and set internal charge to 1200mah. Press the Set button afterwards. Make sure that nothing is checked in sleepmode control. You can also change the shutdown reserve charge to 8mah. Been using it this morning since calibrating, hopefully this works. I will post again after a full day's use.
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    Just a thought, but I wonder if many of the problems with battery meters/calibration/drop below 99% after charging etc, might not be unique to the 680? Perhaps these problems occur with all TREOs, but they were not widely reported before because earlier TREOs had better battery life so people werent always checking the battery meter? Is this possible? Anyone out there who has seen similar phenomena with earlier TREOs?
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