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    I haven't tried this version yet but am about to download it now.

    Update after the Install:
    I somehow wiped out my Mino contacts (short list in my case but be forwarned) since I forgot how to install the applets and perhaps did something I shouldn't have. The way I finally got it installed was to go to Applications/IBM Java../ Install and entered:

    http: // (take out the space after the colon)

    The instructions which appear on the page don't seem to work for the Treo, and possibly if I had just done the above the contact list would have been saved (not sure about this). At any rate the url given in the support section for the Treo re-installed version 12 (which may also have been the reason the contacts were lost) so be sure to use the above url for the new version. The update has a similar interface and worked well right off the bat on my existing version of Java which is several months old.
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    So does this version really work on the Treo?? How? I thought it didn't.


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