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    Someone recently posted that their battery charged up all by itself, and we all received that information with a kind of patronizing smile. But today, I went from 60% charge back up to 99% charge within the space of 60 seconds as I was walking into the subway.

    I had been tracking it all day, so I knew it was around 60%, but nevertheless, it shot back up to 99% as I walked into the subway, and stayed there for the next fifteen minutes as I took screen shots, certain that it would drop just as precipitously some time soon. See the screen shots. It's clearly not even worthwhile to look at that battery icon, or even at the battery meter, which also indicated 4.10 volts, when I had nothing near that. It seems that the measuring circuit itself is flaky.
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    Yesterday it happened again. Suddenly jumped from around 12% power to 99% power for no reason at all. The only way to get it back down was to reset it, as you can see, 3 minutes later, when it returned to 11% power.

    And this is a phone which seems to be in pretty good shape--16 hours or so with Chatter going constantly in push mode, moderate phone and message use, fairly huge email traffic. The only thing I have found that absolutely eats up power at an almost visually discernible rate, is if I connect up PTunesDeluxe which I just downloaded from the CD and try to use internet radio. When I do that I end up with about 12%/hour and a total 8 hour day. But if I avoid that I get a good long business-day's use out of it. I just wouldn't stakie anything on the entire battery measuring circuit, not just the icon and its digital onscreen tap readout. But you may disagree based on...your feelings, I guess.
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    I somehow missed this thread - your battery meter is truly unwell. Now I see why you wont believe battery meter related observations. I have never seen anything like that! Mine seems to work exactly as I would expect, based on my activity. Do you get similar results using 'battery graph'? Very cute little kid by the way.
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    I've never used battery graph. My experiences were extreme enough to distrust the circuit, indeed. It hasn't happened in a while, and in fact my 680 performs fairly well so I am sure the battery circuit is flaky at best. That was her at 2 at Whistler which is a Mecca for Aussie skiers. Now she's 4 and skis top to bottom. But that's with 60 skiing days a year. Poor thing. Thanks.
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    I just looked at this snaps again and am again amazed! That's 88% difference in 3 minutes--what does that come out to, 29% per minute! Ha! By the way, I was wrong. The avatar here by my post is her at 2, the photo in the snap was this year at 4. Still cute, though in my opinion, which isn't nearly as important as being a good skiier.

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