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    I have a 700P and Moto HT820, and am running SAG 1.08/803B. I tried the demo of PocketTunes 4 and found I could stream live MP3 radio. My PT trial expired, and 3.1.8 Bundle won't stream. When I was running 4.0, streaming MP3s would bring up PT instead of Kinoma. Now that I'm back to PT 3.1.8 Bundle, the embedded Kinoma launches with the usual SAG problems.

    The original reason I tried PT 4.0 was to gain EQ functions the MP3 streaming was an unexpected bonus. I'm not adverse to buying the PT upgrade, but I'm wondering if there are other music players that I should demo first before spending the bucks.

    I need:

    An app that plays nice with SAG
    Playlists that support shuffle
    Streaming MP3
    Streaming WMA would be nice, too
    The ability to stream xstreamxm (what format are they using?)

    Suggestions? There's so much written here in past posts that it's hard to distill.
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    Pocket Tunes 3.1.8 on my Treo 700p is the DELUXE version. Isn't the PT 3.1.8 Bundle the stripped down version ? I'm using Pocket Tunes Deluxe 3.1.8 and it includes the streaming internet radio capabilities and EQ functions. Kinoma doesn't interfere in my music playback.

    Make sure you have the registered DELUXE version and my suggestion is to try to download that version instead of any of the 4.xx versions, which in fact should work also, but I am happy with my current setup. I deleted the pTunes that came with my 700p and reinstalled my previously registered version of pTunes Deluxe 3.1.8 and it works with SAG 1.08 beta and my BT stereo headset fairly well, despite a few reconnection issues, mentioned elsewhere in the bluetooth thread.
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