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    Every now and again, when I switch my Sprint 700p to vibrate mode it will go into this endless vibration loop. It vibrates like a call is coming through.. I need to reset the phone to end the loop.

    Any thoughts?
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    have you tried the red button? I need that to cancel vibrating alarm.
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    This happens to me when one of my alarms goes off and the phone is on mute/vibrate. Like Slestak said above, the red button stops it.
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    this has only happened to me one while in toccer and an alarm went off.. only way to stop it was a reboot. I assumed it was toccer. never happened again
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    This happened to me the other day...weird
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    It happened to me a couple of times with Toccer. It's annoying but free beats the alternative!
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    it has happened to me in toccer too a few times.

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