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    What is the current largest capacity SD card that works with the 700p? Is this brand specific or do all brands work at that size?
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    Well, with the SDHC patch, 4GB or more. 8GB or more is theoretical, but I haven't tried one yet.
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    I am using a 4gb one with no 'patch'.

    Palm desktop shows anything above 2gb as (-) negative. However the Treo sees it correctly.
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    - 4GB cards known to work without the patch.
    - 8GB cards known to work with the patch.

    I've had both myself. "Work" means that the treo can read it, though it has been observed that certain apps, and the treo itself, reads the free memory incorrectly. It has not been an issue for me, though......
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    I was using a 4gig AData SD card wilth my stock 700P Now I am using a 8gig Trancend SDHC card after installing the SlotDriver from the 680.


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