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    Does anyone have any additional information on battery.prc? Specifically, I'd like to understand the calibration page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by holvoetn View Post
    Had to revert to hard reset and fallback to previous backupset (THANK YOU Resco !).
    Additional restore of PIMS from latest backupset and we are back in business.

    This battery.prc seems to be a nasty thing
    Erm.. I disabled it. Deleted it, soft reset twice, gone.
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    battery.prc was a program developed for older treos by palm. It was never ment to be distributed, but somehow found its way out of the company
    There is no description available. As I understand, the calibration dialog disables the voltage based calibration of the battery and uses a power based one (? sorry if this is the wrong word). That means the actual battery power in percent will be shown based on the mAh you fill in. In case of the original treo battery this is 1200 mAh. You should calibrate the treo only if you have fully loaded it. But I do not see any difference to the voltage based calibration...
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