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    Well I must say I've been impressed with the whole iPhone thing, I really like the simple interface. Using ZL Iconset Factory and Skinner I think I've managed to give my pda a slightly more iPhone'ish look. What do you think?

    I'm going to try and make a couple additional icons that are using the style of the iPhone's icons that will work for my other highly used apps like ListPro and eReader.

    I saw iPhony and it's pretty great, I just wanted to customize things a little further.
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    Nice job, are you going to share this with us , when your done?
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    I certainly suppose so, the only problem with ZLauncher Icon sets though is that you almost need to have ZL Iconset Factory to make modification to the icons for your specific apps. Honestly at only $5 ZLIF isn't exactly expensive, and as far as I'm concerned was certainly worth the cash.

    The Skinner skin is currently a modified version of one made by Robert Hodgen, although I'm starting to work on one more my own that is more closely modeled after the one on the iPhone (although different enough so that I don't get a call if you know what I mean).
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    Actually I think I'm not going to bother pursuing it any further. After doing some reading on MoDaCo's web site and seeing the letter delivered to someone who made a skin for Window's Mobile phones based on the iPhone, and then of course what ended up happening with iPhony I don't think it would be wise of me to continue. I really don't need to get a letter from apple's legal team (unless of course their interested in offereing me a free iPhone )
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    And that is exactly what you should be saying on a public forum.
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    is there a zlauncher icon set maker for the Mac OS, or at least something similar? I'm tired of waiting for someone else to do this so i want to make my own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nsxprime View Post
    And that is exactly what you should be saying on a public forum.
    I'm not the quickest guy out there but I do usually manage to learn eventually (and usually before I get in trouble).

    I really doubt there is a Mac version of ZL Iconset Factory. In fact I believe the software hasn't been updated in quite a while and the author doesn't even have a dedicated web page for it. I'm not overly familiar with Mac but aren't there windows emulator that allow you to run windows software (of course those probably cost money, don't they?).

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