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    I left my Treo on the charger all night. Woke up and took it off. Looked at it about 4 hours later and my battery is already at 75%. Can I use the battery from my Treo 650 or what can i do to get a longer battery life for my 680?
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    ooohhh are you gonna get flamed!! I can smell the burnin flesh already.
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    Did you just get it?

    It gets better over time...
    BUT the battery behavior or meter is quirky...

    I seem to average 1-3% loss an hour over a day... some times 1% other times 2/3... o_O
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    ooohhh are you gonna get flamed!! I can smell the burnin flesh already.
    This is because there are threads here and here

    Open with the issue right now... read the first one as it is much shorter and red-beard's experiment data is right there, there are good suggestions in the thread too... but the bottom line is that there is an issue that Palm is still working on that seems to effect some users and not others... so patience is the best way to fix your battery life in the long run, though red-beard has done a great job sussing out a work-arround so to speak.
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    Ongoing threads on this subject having been linked to, I'm closing this thread.
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