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    I'm definately a "softcore" Treo user, but I'm doing my best to try & troll this site to learn how to maximize my Treo & it's capabilities. Now, on to my question:

    I can't seem to get my email account configured. I have a yahoo account, and I have gone through the 'Account Setup' steps (which seem pretty self explanatory & easy). Yet when I try to retrieve my email, I get the following message: "ERR invalid user/password". Dammit, I know I entered the username & password correctly!

    Any suggestions before I pitch this thing into the snow?
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    Is your yahoo account a paid account? If it's a free one they won't let it work. Also, for username you might want to try the full email address. That has worked for me in the past (can't say with yahoo though).
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    Also, make sure the first letter of your username and your password aren't being capitalized when you enter them. I was having trouble logging into ebay when I noticed that the Treo was capitalizing the first letter of my password.
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    If you do have a paid account, do you have to "activate" your account first? On Gmail, I had to turn the feature "on" in my settings before it would work.

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