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    I've spent hours and hours at the Verizon store....banging my head on a wall....

    I purchased a treo 700p with a data only plan to use with my macbook. I was told it would work just like a modem....connect it to the the VZNET stuff....and off I go.

    It don't work that way! After spending 7 hours with the manager of the Verizon store, he said that the only way he could figure out to get online was by connecting to Verizon's internet via bluetooth.....with the phone with-in 30 feet of the macbook.

    It would work....and work well....but as soon as I disconnected, all the internet settings would reset and I couldn't connect again. He would work on it some more....then bring it out and everything would work just fine. I even disconnected and reconnected twice, but then I get kicked off.....and POOF....everything looks like it should....but no connection. I get error messages....nothing I do works!

    Please don't tell me I spent this much money and time on a phone that I can't use to get online with my mac!!!!!

    HELP Please!
    Ashlee Reddish
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    I just set up my Treo 650 so I know it will work on a 700. Don't mess with Bluetooth. It is too slow anyway and most f the posts say they couldn't get it working. Use your USB sync cable that came with the Treo. Get the program called "USB Modem" by Mobile Stream ( You can download the trial version and use it for 30 trials but it only costs $24.95. Once you downoad and unzip it follow the setup directions precisely (see pdf file in that unzipped folder. You have to do a file exchange to your mobile unit. You can use your Bluetooth connection to browse for your phone and then send the .prc file and accept it. That will put a menu item caled USB Modem on your Treo (You'll need to use this when you connect. After you install the .prc file on your Bluetooth phone, you'll then drop the two modem scripts ("Palm Treo CDMA (1x or EvDO)" and "Palm Treo GSM (GPRS or EDGE)" found in the unzipped downloaded folder USB Modem /Mac OS and drop them into the folder called /Library/Modem Scripts on your mac. I notice the name changed on these files in the purchased version to "Mobile Stream CDMA" and "Mobile Stream GSM" in the purchased version but they should be the same files. Next you want to turn off all other active networking like Airport or an ethernet conection. (I use Airport mostly at home. This is a key factor in setting up and, of course, when you actually connect to the Treo each time. Use "Network" in your System Preferences to do this. Turn off any available network connections, then set up a new location (call it mobile or somethng like that). You'll want to use Internet Connect to do this. Here's where I had to fool with it a couple of times to get it to look for a modem script. Plug in your mobile phone with your usb cable. The one thing I found was that even after I selected the first modem script I had problems getting it to take in a configuration. I still have to select the Treo USB Modem icon and then pull down connect-manual dial from the Internet Connect menu but once you get used to doing that it's not a big deal each time, 1. Select USB Modem on your Treo and then "enable modem mode" 2. disconnect from any other networking, 3. select the phone icon from your menu bar (open Internet Connect and 4. Connect Manual. When you are done be sure to disconnect from internet connect, then "disable modem mode" on your phone or you may hang up your phone and need to do a soft reboot to restart it.

    I may have some of the above steps out of order but you get the point. It should work! With trial and error it took me about an hour to finally get mine working and now it's great. I would say about the speed of a DSL connection. I'm assuming you have a data plan ON your mobile phone and want to use the connection when you travel, etc. Let me know how this works.

    Here are the actual steps as describe by a website; Study the pictures--this is what it is supposed to look like (
    First, download the trial of the USB Modem software to make sure this will all work for you.
    Follow the User Guide instructions to configure your laptop, and install the USB Modem .prc onto your Treo 700p.
    Go to Prefs, click on Networking. Make sure that you are currently disconnected. Otherwise the USB modem won’t work.
    Click on the USB Modem application
    Click the Enable Modem Mode button. Leave the Connectivity method set to USB, and the Background mode set to checked.
    Under OS X, open Internet Connect application, and select the Treo 700 USB Modem option. You should see #777 in the Telphone Number, leave everything else blank.
    Click Connect.
    You should see it saying Contacting PPP Server… then Authenticating, then Connected.
    Use the internet on your laptop to check your email, ssh, surf the web, instant messenger, whatever
    When you’re done using the internet, click Disconnect in Internet Connect, then click the Disable Modem Mode in USB Modem. If you don’t do this, the next time you try to sync using the USB cable you will get an error message stating that the connection is already in use.
    Enjoy super-fast EVDO speeds on your laptop wherever you go…!!!
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    Hey, I forgot to tell you that I'm also using a MacBook Pro (Intel) and Mac OS 10.4.8
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    I use my 700p with my macbook all the time it works awesome. I connect via bluetooth and I get great speeds. 400kbs on Sprints network.

    I have found if usong bluetooth you need to turn off the multiple ping settings in the preferences for your bluetooth connection. I do not know if this will solve your problem, but you may want to look at the post entitled tethered mode hack. Do a search. I have the plan through sprint, but there was some extremely helpful advice for setting up the connection. Good luck
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    I'm a photographer and I use my treo as a modem for my Ibook, Ispevt days getting it to work and eventually found I needed a specific driver, then it all worked sweet. I've posted the driver on my site HERE
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    where did you find it?
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    I don't remeber now, I didn't keep the link, but It was on a forum post somewhere I think, I was on at least my 6th or 7th page of google results before I found it.
    Hope it helps.
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    I have heard that verizon prevents use of a Treo700P with Unlimited data plans from being used as a modem for Macs. anyone know if this is true?

    I'm considering a macbook & that's one of my main rservations.

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    Technically verizon charges an additional $15 month to enable Bluetooth modem use.
    Or you can buy USBModem and use Bluetooth or USB cable.
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    If you get disconnects turn eco packets off under settings.
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    Using USB modem, when I try to enable Bluetooth it just resets my device. When I try to use USB and tether, it give me the following error:

    Failed to enable modem mode.

    To resolve this error, try to disable the data connection in the Network prefs.

    For Treo 680 and 700, try to disable the bluetooth as well.

    Did all that and still have the same error message. I've played with this for hours trying to get it to work.
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