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    I'm trying to set up the FTP functionality in NVBackup so it will automagically FTP my scheduled backups directly to my PC once backed up. I have installed FileZilla on my PC and the server is running however I keep getting an instantaneous error message on my 700P that says:

    "There was an error connecting to the FTP server's NVBackup directory. Export is incomplete."

    Can someone who knows how this works help me to set it up, please??

    Thanks so much!!

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    It should be straight forward
    From menu choose Server -> Server settings
    Then you will need your ftp server address or name
    next is the port of your ftp default is 21
    last but not least is your paired of username/password.
    Base directory, you can leave it as / or any subsequent directory

    It has been working very well for me. safe me twice with the server setting (getting my back up remotely) and numerous time when I force to hard reset the phone or crash.

    Have fun.
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    I have the NVbackup FTP working(4:00am). However I am using a linux server. I had to set up a ftp account on the server. You may have permission or firewall settings problems on your PC.

    There is a free program that works on the 700p Called EzFtp. You can play around with EzFtp to make sure that your settings are correct. Once you have EzFtp working you can then set up your NVbackup.

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