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    Every time I try to view a website after even a short pause from web surfing, my treo 680 (t-mobile) says it needs to connect to internet.

    My treo 650 (which was configured the company I work for) never needed to do that. or, at least, it did it but without announcing (and I hadn't noticed the time lag).

    Is this a problem, or just an issue of needing to check some pref to stop announcing reconnection?
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    Some piece of software is disconnecting you from the network automatically. It shouldn't do that. I have T-mobile and I have chatter set to disconnect after checking mail but if I turn that off it will remain connected to the network all day. So if I use blazer to surf, it will stay on the network until I disconnect manually or the email program checks mail and it will disconnect.

    If your not disconnected it won't have the notice pop up.
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    Thanks, bigcatny. Must be a pref. I don't have much of anything 3rd party loaded onto this at this point.

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