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    I've just started lookin into the database world, got a few idea's on uses, (like storing roleplay characters..goes nice with the die roller I got) anyway, which database system is best? why? what else can I use em 4?
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    I've used this database and am pleased with it. It does have it's quirks, but nothing major for my purposes. You can search these archives for threads on databases.
    Thee is a thinkdb group at:
    This has discussions and files of databases others have created.

    Thinkdb is a free app. The desktop and sync app are not.
    Best thing to do is try it out and see if it meets your needs.

    I like the relational capability. Especially the one-to-many capability that alows a master-detail structure.
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    I second thinkDB! It is awesome. I sue it for exverything. AMong them:

    Bill Tracker
    My Login and Logout time at work
    Websites and passwords
    Software and registration codes
    Who who me and Who I owe
    Workout Program for week
    Keep Track of Birthdays etc
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    I like HandBase. Although the Palm application isn't free like ThinkDB's if you want to use your DB on your computer as well Handbase is actually $10 cheaper.

    It is VERY easy to use and you can find 600 free applets on their web page, many which would cost you money to own through the shareware market.

    I use it to keep track of stuff at work, and use it for recipes, which I can make a grocery list from. Very handy indeed.

    you can get a trial version at which isn't crippled in any way (though there is a nag screen).

    Try them both, make your own decision.

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