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    Well I do work alot of Security Jobs..and sometimes I'm out for the day so I do have more than 1 phone battery with me...I acutally have 3 of them which I use all of EVDO Drains Battery Faster and I like to use my MobiTv..Email and the other day I was looking for my spare battery and coulden't find it so I ripped my room apart and then said ah..ok I lost it so I will only have 2 battery's now...well tonight I was hanging up my work shirt from the wash and Im like oh there is something in the pocket...guess what? It was my treo battery...and Since it was dry I put it in my desktop charger..and 1hr later the light turns green...

    The lesson of the story is that a Treo can go through a

    1. Warm/Cold Water Wash with Tide Detergent.
    2. 80 Mins on High Heat
    3. 45Mins of Air Dry

    Security Officer
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    The lesson of the story is that a Treo can go through a
    You mean a Treo battery, yes?
    There's more to life than technology....but not a whole lot more

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