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    I recently had to replace my Treo 700p for a new unit. When I first turned the new Treo on, I noticed that the screen had a red hue to it and was substantially dimmer than my previous 700p.

    I remember reading posts about different hue's and finally understand what people were talking about. My first 700p had an extremely bright white background.

    Also, I don't know if this is my 6th sense kicking in , but does anybody with the dimmer screened treo's notice the faint horizontal lines for about 2 seconds after turning the screen on?

    I hope this one doesn't have a bum screen, however, I have noticed a slight improvement since I first turned it on.

    Do Treo screens sometimes need to be "broken in"? Has anyone else had a dim screen that eventually got brighter?
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    I assume you have the brightness turned to the same level on the new unit as it was on the old. If it were my 700P and the red hue was noticable -- I would be back at my Sprint store with a "try again" request.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I agree with Perry, if that doesn't clear up fast take it back.

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