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    I got my Treo 700p right when it came out. My girlfriend got her 700p this month. I haven't noticed any problems. I haven't noticed any differences except one regarding the favorites buttons.

    On my older one, I can change every default favorites button except for the voicemail button. On her new one, she can't change a bunch of favorites buttons that are sprint specific applications.

    That's the only difference I've noticed between the old and the new. I was thinking maybe this is because she hotsync'd her phone immediately from her Cingular Treo 650 and isn't the default behavior, but I'm not sure as it didn't lock in Cingular Favorites, they are sprint favorites that are locked.
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    For the poster with the problem of syncing tasks, try running dbscan from
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    Quote Originally Posted by robguz View Post
    How do you delete the Tasks database? In Filez I see "TasksDB-PTod" in green and am told I can't delete it "This operation can't be performed on a card (Internal)". Huh? Some other file I should delete?
    Funny, I was able to delete mine. Maybe you have it protected.
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    Or maybe warm reset, then delete (if you're really intent on deleting it).
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