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    As of this morning I cannot make any outgoing calls on my 680.

    I am a previous 650 user and upgraded to the 680. I did NOT bring my 650 apps over to my 680. I did a new user install for the 680.

    My 680 has been working okay for the last 4 weeks. Last night I sent an MMS for the first time.

    As of this morning my 680 wont make any outgoing calls. When I select the number to call it attempts to dial and then returns to the previous screen. I am able to receive calls.

    I have NOT installed any software since receiving my 680. I have reset the unit twice but it makes no difference. I have NOT done a hard reset.

    Has anyone else had this problem ?? Any ideas to resolve this issue ??
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    The ideal is hard reset the phone, then try to make a call right after it. Do not insert the SD card nor sync with your PC. If it cannot make call, contact the warranty department.
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    take the battery out. wait a second. put the battery back in and try. for some reason when i do things for the first time, i've had issues and had to do a reset.
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    I just want to add to this thread: I had the same issue today (after owning the Treo 680 for a week). Cannot make calls or connect to GPRS (european model). At first a soft reset fixed it, then later it occurred again. Hard reset didn't solve it either. Receiving calls still work. I guess I'll be sending it in for repair now.

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