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    If you really like the look of the iPhone but want most of the functionality of both the iPhone and the Treo, this can be done fairly quickly and easily. You can even try out the two software packages that can make this happen without cost and purchase them if you like them.

    Through the functionality of zLauncher and Butler (new beta version), you get the sliding unlock functionality, MP3 functionality, look and feel (through zLauncher color settings), and the balance of the functions of both units (Except for the WiFi) in your Treo.

    Play with the color settings on the top and bottom bar and for each of the tab categories in zLauncher. Set the tabs to none. You can choose to leave the to and bottom bar showing or not. After using zLauncher, Treo Launcher and others, however, I am too spoiled to be looking at the iPhone interface to be friendly.

    If you like it, however, you can have it without the extra $499 and have your choice of carriers with the Treo.

    I have no affiliation with any software company. Just an educator who loves the Palm platform.

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