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    Ever since I bought the Treo 680 (Cingular) in November, I've received VERY few calls. However, I've received a LOT of "Missed call" messages that tell me I "missed a call" that went to my voicemail, but the 680 never rang. I even call myself every morning before I leave home or my hotel room to know the ringer is working, but about 85% of calls made to me never ring and go to voicemail. Very, VERY frustrating. I travel all over the U.S. and never had this problem with the 650, which I may return to. The 680 obviously has much worse reception capability. Anybody wanna buy a Cingular 680?
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    Where do you carry your 680? Do you use the defaul stylus? (May sound nuts, but the stylus is placed near the antenna...)
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    i have a 680 with cingular and do not have the problem. i did not have the problem with my 650 or older 270. it is easy to get missed calls if you keep your treo in the vibrate mode and don't notice the vibration. that accounts for my missed calls.
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    t mobile manual settings have a thing for pda phones where a is the name and password and what that did was let calls come in while using device. unfortunatly if you did this it had a tendancy to kick you offline within 3 rings. now as long as your idle they come in.
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    I'm pretty sure if it's telling you it missed a call, you missed the call, not it. Unless you're getting out-of-the-blue voicemail notifications; that's a good sign your phone missed the call.
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    My Cingular 680 with new SIM has better reception than my old AT&T TREO 650 with AT&T SIM. Calls are clearer as well. Maybe you got a bad 680.
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    Bill, is it possible that reception is not the problem?

    There is a problem with the 680 keyguard in that it does not trap the first keypress, be that keypress inadvertent or on purpose, allowing that keypress to get passed onto the underlying application... that same keypress also brings up the keyguard dialog and now traps all keypresses, but it's too late...

    Could it be that the missed calls are due to the problem with the 680 keyguard allowing an inadvertent keypress, perhaps from a snug case or jostling in your pocket, to silence the incoming call signal (not answer the call) causing you to miss it because you can't hear it ringing anymore because it is now "ringing" silently which eventually allows the unanswered call to get forwarded to your voicemail?
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    I've experienced this with Cingular for many years. It is not 680 related per se. If you don't have enough signal your phone will not ring. Rather, it goes to voice mail and you get your little beep letting you know you missed a call. Evidently the beep delivery requires less signal than the ring. Don't ask me, but many Cingular tech reps have told me this over the years. I will say I haven't experienced it much since I upgraded to a 680. It was fairly common on my 650 and my wifes Motorola.

    You could have poor reception on your 680 or signal strength in your area could be lacking. Call Cingular.

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