I'm having problems getting my sprint treo 650 to take a full charge. I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this kind of behavior.

When I plug it in, generally (as expected) the red light comes on and the battery icon gets the lightning bolt thru it indicating that it's charging.. However, about half the time, tapping the battery icon will get me a text box saying "Battery XX%" rather than the expected "Battery XX% (charging)". Unplugging and replugging will often turn on the "(charging)" if it didn't work the first time.

If I recheck the battery icon after some time on the charger, most often the red light will still be on but the "(charging)" has dropped from the icon text box and indicated level/elapsed time makes it clear charging stopped sometime in the process. Other times, the green light will be on solid, but the battery icon will have a red lightning bolt thru it and the text will say "Battery XX%" where XX is way less than 99, with elapsed time indicating that charging stopped some time ago.

I have tried the in-cradle reset, drain battery, charge up process. No change.

I tend to think this problem is at least partially physical, because charging is more reliable when I use the Sync cable with the power adapter plugged into it than when I plug the power adapter straight into the treo. However, I can't figure out what might be going on. Any thoughts or suggestions?