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    Hello everyone,
    First off I am new to the treo. It has been an awsome tool so far and wish I would have had something like this earlier. But I have ran into one issue with ringers. I have followed the instructions on everything treo to convert .mp3's to .wav ringers and them send them to the phone. I can get them on the phone but for some reason, I can only get about 10 seconds to play. The phone keeps ringing on the callers end but my ringer goes quiet. It doesn't want to play the entire 20-30 seconds of the ringer. I have tried more than a few files and varied the lengths and qualities but still end up with the same problem. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    I had that same problem. I've resorted to using a ringtone manager again. I like mRing, they've done some recent maintenence & it works a lot better now.
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    Joe, have you tried loading the mp3 directly into your ringtone list using MiniTones?

    It makes the mp3 available to be selected directly by the native Treo Sound manager and MiniTones is not required afterwards to play the mp3.

    Minitones also will bring up an mp3 editor to allow you to select which part of the mp3 you want to use as a ringtone which in effect allows you to adjust the length of the ringtone.

    Quote Originally Posted by From and MiniTones

    This small freeware app allows you to select a MP3 file and add it to your ringtone list in Sounds. It also features a file splitter so you can use a section of a song instead of the whole song. A drawback to this is that it copies the file to main memory and can be a memory hog. Usage of the files does not require the app to be installed.

    Note: This app does NOT convert a MP3 to MIDI. It only adds a MP3 into the sounds list.

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