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    Hi All,

    I've just come back to a Palm Treo 680 after a few years with Pocket PCs.

    I bought my Treo yesterday and have installed a few pieces of software (Agendus), but I'm having problems with the phone button since installing this software.

    When I hit the phone button, it takes me straight to the contacts area of Agendus and I can't find anyway of fixing this. Obviously sometimes I need to dial a number with the keypad and whilst I know I can program other buttons to take me to the phone, I'd prefer that the phone button actually do its job.

    Anyone have the same problem? Any suggestions?

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    in agendus, menu, options, preferences, laubcg & buttons. select a different button.
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    Thanks for that. I had tried that one but the phone button doesn't give you the option of changing.

    I have programmed the side button to go to phone, but ideally I'd like the phone button to work correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk Hasloewer View Post
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    Great find.
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    Welcome back from the dark side. I tried going over a few times myself, but the lure of the Palm OS and the Treo form factor are just too much to resist.

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    in prefs how does one change where the phone button points to? This is the only button that can not be changed. Im assuming there is some kind of hack you can toggle using FileZ or something that will make this button 'editable' anyone know where it is?

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    I don't think you can do it using FileZ, but there are hacks out there. If you're asking because of the Agendus issue, that can be fixed using FileZ. Find the file called AgendusBtn1 and delete it. That will return the button to the phone. (Worked for me anyway.)


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