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    I was looking for some software that would turn off the screen backlight during a call to save battery.

    Also was wondered if there was software to turn off the keypad backlight during a call or otherwise.
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    For screen backlight during a call try this setting in Prefs>>Power>>On a call, dim backlight after: and then make your selection from the drop down menu... 30 seconds, 1 minute etc.

    Phone Technician also has some "Screen Off During Calls" options.

    Try KSLight for turning the keyboard lights on and off...

    I have it assigned as a Favourites QuickKey, to the letter P because of its association to "Option button + P" which brings up the brightness slider.

    Don't forget about "Option + menu" which toggles between day and night mode.

    Hope you find all that en"light"ening...
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    IS THAT what that is... day/night mode?

    *gosh I gotta RTM, even as a PALM veteran... o_O

    THanks for the info...
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    lol, after hearing about button combos, i found that one...i thought it was a bug or something! I have to stop staying up past my bedtime!

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