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    Quite often my 680 will lose reception (while being in the middle of a good reception city) and will replace "Cingular" with gibberish characters on the screen. The only way to regain the reception is to take out the battery and then after that turn it on and off again.

    This is really annoying now that I have had to do it several times, anyone else have this problem?

    EDIT: I am just now seeing the other post on this, sorry.
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    I do experience a slight decrease in reception quality to another phone brand. Like in places where I used to receive reception. I can't receive anyting on the 680. Probably cause by the lack of an antenna?
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    what kind of SIM card to do you have? - 3G or regular one?

    I have the 3G, not sure if that matters but I do also get some spotty reception in places.

    I wonder if I should be using the regular SIM instead
    Cingular 680
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    On digital phones the external antenna doesn't really matter like it does with analog phones. It has more to do with antenna design and placement and some of the hardware behind it. For instance the RAZR (for it's many faults) has very strong reception everywhere, whereas my sony erickson always looses the signal at certain intersections. Both have internal antenna's. My Treo falls somewhere in between.

    There do seem to be lots of cingular people compaining about the garbage on screen thing which seems to be a cingular problem. Never seen or heard about it with t-mobile.
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    In my experience, I got a much better reception when I switch the automatic select network to manual.
    At phone screen -> options -> select network -> tap on either T-Mobile or Cingualr. do not tap on "automatic mode"

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