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    I just got GoodLink 4.8 on a Treo 700w. I don't have any data in the pocket outlook applications, only in the GoodLink applications. My questions:

    1. I've lost the ability to look up people/numbers in the search box on Today. Any way to get that back? Either to link the search box to the good database or to copy the good database over to the pocket outlook database?

    2. I've lost caller ID.

    3. I've lost a way to link contacts to speed dials.

    Any way to fix these? Does this work better with GoodLink 4.7 or 4.9?
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    Upgrade to 4.9
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    I have a WM5 device, and have reset it, but not yet re-installed Goodlink. If I re-install Goodlink, will it automatically install the latest version.
    Also, will 4.9 allow us to get our local contacts/caller ID, calendar, tasks...etc., back?

    Additionally, is there a document somewhere we can look what changes between 4.7, 4.8, and 4.9?

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    Can I install Good 4.9 on my own device and have it be compatible with whatever version of the server my IT folks are running, or is this something they have to do?
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    You Good Admins have to set up which version of the client you can install. My recommendation to them, especially with all the new phones coming out in such rapid succession, is to get the most current version.

    We still do not support the native applications on the device.

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