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    I just picked up a 700p after seeing how much faster the EVDO was (230-320 kbps, 2-4x faster than my 2 yr old 650). Now that I have the speed, I wanted to figure out how to stream my own live TV.

    This is what I used-
    A Windows computer
    A software encoding TV tuner card (not one that directly outputs MPEG streams)
    BeyondTV4 DVR software (from Snapstream)
    A decent net connection (cable modem in my case)
    Kinoma 4 ex player (maybe, see below)
    700p with PowerVision Access package

    BeyondTV is DVR software for your computer, and I had already been using it for years. One of its options is to provide a live TV stream over the net. I set the default recording preferences as follows:

    Video Type- Windows Media
    Audio- WMA 9.2, 16 kbps mono CBR
    Video- WMV 9, 15 fps, 320x240 pixels, Two Pass Encoding disabled, 90 kbps

    Then you have to route port 8080 on your firewall to your computer that's running BeyondTV. BeyondTV is controlled using a web page interface. Normally when using a computer, the "live tv" link will show an embedded video window and a tv channel list box. However, Blazer can't do this, so you have to do a work around. I use PalmVNC to remotely login to a computer, and establish the live TV window in IE. This can be the same computer that's running the BeyondTV software, and it is required to keep the TV feed alive and to choose the channel. Once you get this started, then you open Kinoma Player 4 and tell it to go to mms://your-ip-address:8080

    My workaround is a handy way to get live tv of your choosing, without waiting for (and having to buy) SlingBox's solution. The bad part is that you can't change the channels from within Kinoma. You'd have to remotely log back into the computer that's keeping the Live TV link alive.

    I'm not exactly sure you need Kinoma 4 ex player. I bought and installed it before figuring out the TV source end, so it's possible that the "free" Kinoma that comes with the 700p might be enough.

    Also, I chose 90 kbps video encoding because, in my one test, the video would freeze/stall often at 100 kbps. But your mileage may vary.
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    Won't Orb also do this?
    Cingular GSM
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