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    I would like to try a 680 for a data device only. I have to have nextel for work. I wondered what the trial period is for a 680 if you don't get good service for your phone? Do I have to give the return the phone also or just turn the service off? I might just keep the phone as an upgrade to my tx. How does Cingular work .

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    You have 30-days to enjoy the phone or service. After that you pay early cancellation fee. You have three options prior to the 30 days.

    1. Cancel contract, return phone.
    2. Keep contract, return phone & get another one.
    3. Cancel contract, keep phone and pay early cancellation fee ($150+)

    It's expensive either way. You might have to pay activation fees, depending on which plan you get you may not qualify for the $199, mail-in rebates, pay cancellation fee...blah blah blah. If you just want to keep the phone, buy Palm's Unlocked version for $399.

    If you don't plan on staying with Cingular, do not sign up for the contract. They will rape you
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    I went to my local radio shack and they are running a deal for the 680 for only 119.00 then a 50.00 rebate for new lines only brings the phone to 68.00 bucks !!! I don't know how good the service is by me so I am sceptical on the data service coverage in western MI GR area. The radio shack guys says no issues what so ever but only runs at land line speeds which is fine for me. I just want a keyboard palm with access to my comcast email and weather updates with radar.I figured for 20.00 a month basic unlimited plan no voice as I need my nextel for work I can afford that vs a 15.00 unlimited data on my I880 nextel which doesn't give me the ability to text emails back.

    May the Pda be with you!!

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