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    It seems like there are quite a few problems with Opera Mini v.3 on the 680 and with the beta version on the 700p as well. I don't think it's in beta anymore, has anyone got it running well on the 700p? I'm running version 2.x and it is fairly stable.
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    I use it for certain java sites like espn. it really is a good browser to have if blazer has problems with a site.

    I have read complaints about the five way. it works fine it just works opposite of what your use to. Also full screen is awesome. I don't think many people know if you hit ** twice like that both bars top and bottom dissapear.

    I think it has locked up my phone once or twice. Like no other app has done that right? I place it equal with blazer. they have plus and minuses. fyi learn the shortcut keys for opera and it makes it much better.
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    Thanks e2chris! Anybody else have Opera Mini version 3 running without problems on the 700p. Any comments appreciated.
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    Working fine for me, although I did have an initial installation problem. When I first installed v3, the copy I got was very buggy - barely ran. I removed that copy, restarted with a fresh download, and it worked fine. The fresh download picked up a different copy though. Be careful which version you get & install.

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    I havent had any problems with v3. I installed the java first then i put opera on and havent had any problems whatsoever.
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    Thank you for the confirmations. I found another thread and in case anyone else has questions about the same thing I added this post on my way to getting Opera Mini V.3 working on the 700p.
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    Now Opera Mini 4 beta 3 working well.. expect you have to set the RAM size and stack size to larger, otherwise it will hang at the Loading screen..

    Kind of like iphone browser.. zoom in and zoom out..

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