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    After years of loyal Aeroplayer usage I finally dumped it in favor of Ptunes 3.1.8.
    Ptunes has bookmark support and can run in the background with Telenav without skipping.

    Ptunes 4.x is a pig for memory. Maybe my next Treo will have enough room to run it, but for now I am sticking with 3.1.8.

    I am disappointed that the Aeroplayer team has been unresponsive to requests. Their Yahoo groups forum has not had a post since October. Messages that I have tried to post are moderated and never get posted due to a lack of participation by the moderator.
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    Yeah, I was an earlier adopter of both apps, and even though I've still got Aeroplayer on my Treo, I stopped using it back when PT came out with streaming audio. Like you, I stuck with a 3.x version of PT on my 650 for space reasons; now, though, with the 680, I've finally moved to the latest 4.x version.

    As Borat would say, "Very Nice".
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