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    I don't know if it was reported earlier.

    If you have an untimed appointment the alarm for this appointment will pop up the alarm dialog on the treo, but will not trigger any audio-alarm. No matter when this alarm should fire, 5 Minutes or 18 hours prior to the appointment. This appears to be a treo bug because it happens with the build in kalender as well as with the chapura keysuite. This problem does not exist on other palm devices like my old Sony TH55.
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    I believe that's what it's always done--if what you mean by untimed is that it is an appointment for which you picked no time--at least in the 600 and the 650, such appointments never trigger an audio alarm.
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    Than this is only special for Treos. (its my first one) Such appointment trigger an audio alarm on the Sony Th55 and NZ90 and the Palm III, Vx and Tx. Why not on Treos?

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