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    I have an issue where after I use a headset I dont have sound on my Treo700. The treo still thinks the Headset Jack is still in. I have to put the jack back in and wiggle it around a few times to get the sound back. Seems like a lose connection in there. Is this a known issue and second part of my question is this something that my Sprint Insurance will fix or would I be better off Claiming it is lost and get a new one from them if the insurance does not cover this. I am not sure what is covered by insurance.
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    Same thing happened to two 700p's that I owned. Sprint replaced first one under warranty. 2nd one only did it once, and when I put the headset in again and unpluged it..worked fine. Needless to say..I try to be very carefull with the headset
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    BTW 1st phone was replaced under Palm's warranty
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    Went to the local store to report that bumping the headset jack while plugged in(gave up on bluetooth) caused my phone to terminate calls. Anybody else have this problem
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    What did the local store do?? My issue with the head set seems to come and go. Not sure if I go to a local store if they will replace it so I may have to use the insurance I pay for and claim the phone busted or lost . Just curious what the local store did for you.
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    They have ordered a replacement that should be here this week. Hopefully new not refurb. Hard to believe the headset jack wore out in 7 months.
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    Local store called this morning to let me know my replacement handset was in for pickup. Asked the rep if this was a new or refurb (bought my 700p last June) and was told refurb then let her know I would not be by to pick up their used handset. What happened to manufacturer warranty?
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    I'm also getting the same problem that VaccPalm is getting. Luckily I found this thread if not I thought I was going to be alone on this.

    As of right now my sound doesn't work because my girlfriend just called me and I couldn't hear a thing. Usually I would hear the other party and they can't hear me but this one is new to me.

    Funny thing is that my headset is in my car and I don't want to go outside to get the damn thing.

    I'm getting 3 problems(palm you reading this):

    1. Headset jams up sound
    2. Hotsync keeps opening by itself after 1st hotsync and cable disconnected (i usually soft reset and it goes away)
    3. Lags for 5-7 seconds here and there

    If anybody has any remedy for these things please respond with it....until then I'll keep searching for some. Thanks in advance

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    The only issue I have is the sound after using the headset. If i put it back in and out it comes back . It seems that lose connections happen alot on the Treos (in reference to the sound jack) . I am debating what to do. Not sure about the Hotsync issue but the Lag ( I assume you mean the white screen) is common also. comes and goes. I also dont think anyone has come up with a real answer.
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    I know how to fix the headset jack problem. By inserting the headset plug in and then out again, but there should be a way to avoid this in the future. There should be a way for us to disconnect the headset without having to worry about whether the sound will work or not.

    I don't get that much lag when switching from app to app. It's just happens anywhere like when I'm typing or trying to move the highlighted buttons, nothing happens then 4-5 seconds later it does it. Very annoying.
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    I seem to be having the same problem!

    I just got a Seido InnoDock, and after having the phone connected to it and then disconnecting it, no sound comes out of the "earpiece" part of the phone that you put next to your ear when talking. I can use the speakerphone, but my wife says she can *barely* hear me.

    I plugged the Treo back into the dock, then unplugged it, and it seems okay.

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    This "fix" plugging it in and out - will work for some time. It was a week for me. Other people might want to give their US$.02 but once it starts going - it is going. Once it breaks - you can not take calls - if you rely on the treo for a biz phone - once the headset jack starts going - I would get a replacement pronto.

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    After talking with a tech about the problem with my headset jack we found that the headset itself was bad. Plugged in a new headset works fine for the most part. Hey, what else do you want for a device that retailed at only $500?

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