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    I have the 680 on cingular, I got it in November. Now, when on calls, I hear a lot of static and I can pick up other people's garbled conversations (kind of like a portable phone on a land line). It does not happen everytime. When it does happen, I want to throw my treo in the street. At the request of Cingular customer service, I had the SIM replaced but it did nothing. Does anyone else have this problem? I have excellent reception in NJ/Philly area. Could it be something with my treo?
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    the quality of the treo's calls in dallas, tx on TMOBILE have been outstanding. I can hear people so clearly, much better than any motorola or htc product i have tried. equal or better to the nokias!

    people say they hear me very clearly too.

    if you get good service in NJ/philly area which is a huge spread of distance between the two then it probably not the phone. If it was bad everywhere then i'd say its your phone.

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