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    I have DTG v.7 on my Treo 650, which is great except for one small problem.

    In the spreadsheet, if you press the numeric ("blob") button twice to lock on the numeric keys before you have pressed a key in a cell, the numeric lock turns off after one number key has been pressed.

    So, move the cursor to a cell, press "blob" twice, see the numeric lock symbol shown on the screen, and press a number key - the number appears in the cell, but the numeric lock symbol disappears and the next keypress will give you a letter. The only way round it is to use the stylus to select text in the cell you want to edit, or to activate the text entry box at the bottom of the screen.

    This is really, *really* irritating - it has bugged me ever since I got the Treo 18 months ago. When DTG 8 came out, I tried the upgrade to see if it had fixed the problem, but it hadn't. I've just tried the DTG 9 trial, and it still doesn't work properly.

    I don't get this. No other Treo app does this - with everything else, num lock stays locked once selected until you finish entry in the current field. Why have DataViz not fixed this? To add insult to injury, their website doesn't even let me send feedback about this unless I give them 30 dollars to upgrade to the current version - fat chance!
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    I have the same problem. Do you have FieldPlus installed? I wonder if that's what could be causing the problem.
    What do you think?
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    i have the same problem. No i don't have field installed. i have figured out that after you enter the first number then you can hit num lock and it will stay locked, but we shouldn't have to do that. i had the docs to go same versions with a palm tungston c and didn't have the problem
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    It isn't FieldPlus, as I don't have it - it is a bug in DTG that DataViz don't seem to have noticed...
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    I think the issue you guys are talking about is addressed in support ID's on the DataViz website along with a description about why it happens. I would take a look at this page.

    Also, you aren't required to pay anything to leave feedback on the site. You can do that here.

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