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    on my T600 when creating a new calendar event I could choose between several options including floating event & journal. On my T680 unlocked I can only ceate a new event. Any suggestion?
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    Hi theguerin:

    Just like me you are missing the features we enjoyed with Datebk on our T600's...

    It seems it took this loss of functionality to get you to make your first post in 4 years.

    For the floating events you can try a beta program, RollOver, from Rob whom you likely know is the author of Butler and Initiate and Phone Technician at

    Download it from here:

    I believe the journal feature and I know the floating event are both included in DateBk6.

    DateBk on the Treo 600 was a slimmed down version of a predecessor of DateBk6, DateBk3.

    You can check it out here

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